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Case Study: Staging environment – your developers vs your hosting company

Case Study: Staging environment
your developers vs your hosting company


Does this match your experience?

You have your developers working on your website. Whether they’re working on it locally (on their own computer), or on some hosting account, that they have actually set up for themselves, one thing is clear. They aren’t coding it in your staging environment.

You think nothing of it, because every time they reveal you stuff, things are progressing well. All goes according to THE PLAN!

Then the day comes when they’re done and they “give you what you paid for”. Sometimes it implies they send you files. Other times they inform you that they’ll copy it to your hosting. Other times your host will move the website over.

In either case, the surprises begin after it’s on your hosting account.

Things break.
Some things never work.
The pages look different.
The efficiency isn’t right.

Then, when you try to solve THE PROBLEMS, all goes sideways!

Your hosting company, who you initially complain to, says it’s the code. They point to your developers.
The developers tell you it worked fine on their environment. They point to the hosting business.

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It doesn’t matter who is to blame. You’re simply dissatisfied. And nothing is great. You’re experiencing the exact opposite of the wow effect. Read the ANALYSIS and find out HOW TO SOLVE this specific case.

ANALYSIS: Staging environment – your developers vs your hosting company

From their point of view, the developers and the hosting company is right. Sadly, nobody bothers to see YOUR POINT OF VIEW. You paid for a project, that does not work anymore. Your project, when finished does not work. Your project, when put in front of YOUR customers does not work. Your team (developers and hosting company) cycles in endless discussions and finger pointing rather than solving the issues.

HOW TO SOLVE: Staging environment – your developers vs your hosting company

Set up a Staging environment with your hosting company right from the beginning. Ask them the get it as close to the real environment as possible. Then, ask your developers to present their work on your Staging environment. This will force both parties to make sure, right from the start, that all goes according to the plan. It’s way easier to debug, identify and solve early on any issue.

VERY AFFORDABLE FOR ALL THAT IT OFFERS! CHEAPER and FASTER, than designers + developers + sysadmins hired for specific WordPress tasks.

Do you have any other questions regarding Staging environments? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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