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Ads and Sponsorship opportunities #2024

Ads Campaing Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Ads Campaing on owlpower.eu.
It’s the most cost-effective way to reach our audience of online entrepreneurs.
Your ad in ALL Blogposts
When you become a sponsor, you actually get mentioned in all blog posts for an entire month. We schedule 15~25 newsletters every month for our focused blog categories.
Your ad in 4 Newsletters
When you become a sponsor, you actually get mentioned in 4 newsletters: We send a single newsletter per month for each blog category, scheduled each week on Thursday.
Discover the details:
what you get as a Sponsor

The vast majority of our readers are online creative types. Our main business is serving entrepreneurs who operate an online website or e-shop. We cater to their specific needs and challenges. We also involve interested partners who share our love for the online community: plugin, theme, module and SaaS developers.

Newsletter: We have 4 segments with 350+ unique subscribers. We’ll be happy to share performance statistics collected during your sponsorship: Reach, Opens, Clicks, Reactivity.

Referral link: You’ll get a short URL with public statistics that you can monitor transparently AND LIVE during and after your sponsorship period. Example: url.owlpower.eu/xolo & stats: url.owlpower.eu/xolo+

Mentions in each blogpost: For the sponsorship duration, in every blog post, below the title. The ad: a simple 1-2 line CTA, maximum 280 characters, with 1 Referral link. NO images, NO emoticons.

Dedicated sponsored post: Remains active forever, in the sponsored category. Must contain 1 affiliate referral link. You decide what you want on this page. No keyword stuffing, above 80% SEO optimised.


Run ads for an entire month

We tested a marketing tactic and it worked. Since we’re more interested in you running ANOTHER Ads Campaign, we decided to increase conversion rates. Here’s the simple trick:
#1. Only 15.1% of customers buy a product after it’s first been posted on social media.
#2. But once posted 2-4 times, they get +60.7% more sales. Not bad, eh? :)