Crawl Errors

28 Aug: What are Crawl Errors?

Crawl errors are issues reported by search engines spiders. These issues are reported as they crawl your website and encounter specific problems. Everything the search engine knows about your website starts with your sitemap. Your sitemap contains all the pages & posts and related information (tags, meta, categories, etc). This…

New Release

15 Aug: owl WECRA has arrived!

Our latest app, from our owlsome Business Apps, named owl WECRA, is officially launched and it’s better than a pizza dispensing rocket owl. Crawl errors are the “organic ranking Kryptonite” for any sites looking to increase their search engine presence. On the customer-facing website, errors create a poor user experience….


07 Aug: WordPress 4.8.1

The new WordPress 4.8.1 maitenance update contains 29 maintenance fixes and enhancements to the 4.8 release series. Changes worth mentioning are: fixes to the rich Text widget and the introduction of the Custom HTML widget. Administration #40982 – Permalink Settings: custom structure field keyboard trap Build/Test Tools #41327 – Bump…