2017 July


27 Jul: Easy-peasy WordPress Hacking

Back in 2013, a web publishing company, Interconnect/IT, released a handy tool for finding and replacing text in a website’s database. This tool, a stand-alone file published as “searchreplacedb2.php”, includes built-in WordPress compatibility that makes working with WordPress databases a breeze. Unfortunately, since the first public version, it did not…


25 Jul: Never give up your humour

One of our customer, a freshly launched IOT automation startup, ordered a recurrent keyword position monitoring report for its business niche. He paid, we delivered. It was bad. We have never seen so much abuse, so much disappointment in a single report. Long report with the same unranked positions showing…


21 Jul: What to learn from your competitors

Having the capacity to hire all your competitor’s top professionals is not something doable. Constantly and actively spying on all your competitors is again a financially hard to pursuit strategy. But, monitoring all your competitor’s keyword with a recurrence, that offers you enough breathing area is something cheap and easily…