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WP Security needs constant care

Feb 16 2017

Nothing online is 100% secure and your WordPress is no exception to this rule. Since WordPress is powering at least a quarter…

Latest security concern - FEB 2017

Feb 15 2017

A year ago, when DROWN hit the news (read more here: SSL vulnerability affects 33% of the web) it was covered everywhere.…

Notice new competitors

Feb 14 2017

Find out how can you notice new competitors without actively searching for them. This tutorial is part of the owl KEYRA -…

Save time

Feb 13 2017

Find out how much time can you save using our solution to track the ranking of your keywords. This tutorial is part…

Easy simplicity

Feb 11 2017

Find out how to easy is to get your keywords rankings data. This tutorial is part of the owl KEYRA - features…

Measure SEO success

Feb 10 2017

Find out how to gather important insights to track your ROI. This tutorial is part of the owl KEYRA - features for…

Never let your WP become an attack vector

Feb 09 2017

What is an attack vector? An attack vector is a path or means by which a hacker gains access to your server…

Target Remote Code Execution

Feb 01 2017

name: WordPress REST API Vulnerability officially announced: FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Security Risk: Severe Exploitation Level: Easy/Remote DREAD Score: 9/10 Vulnerability: Privilege Escalation…

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